Foods Should Eat To Clear Blocked Arteries Especially The “Seniors”

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Do you blocked arteries? here are some foods that can help you clear it

After studies done in the United States, doctors have found that heart disease causes a lot of death, especially for women, almost 46 million women are traumatized with cardiovascular disease (this kind of cardiovascular disease which generally class OD which impacts the heart or blood vessels, and that also includes coronary artery disease like angina pectoris (generally known as heart attack). According to research done, every year 1 woman out of 3 women dies from this disease and the form the best known is (CAD).

the only support you can have for managing or preserving illnesses properly is your feeding.
essentially the ingredients which contain much more omega-3 fibers, healthy fatty acids as well as antioxidants all have a very important task at the level of the heart.

in this document, you will find more than 15 foods suitable for arteries and we have also gathered more details in relation to their roles in keeping your arteries clean and the reason why they are good!

Whole grains:

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source: Diet Doctor

it is well known that whole grains help increase blood cholesterol levels and also defend heart disease thanks to the dietary fiber it contains.
It is highly recommended by the AHA (American Heart Association), that at least half of the grains that come from whole grains must be included in meals. it is recommended for women to eat 27 grams of fiber grains and for men 39 grams. and you can do it while eating brown rice or whole-grain pasta, for example.


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source: Kripalu

it is well known that turmeric has been a natural remedy for centuries, so use in cooking to give a yellow color and also flavor and it is widely used in Asian cooking and it is an Indian herb. turmeric is known by these anti-inflammatory components which generate support to reduce damage to the arterial walls. after research make the levels of inflammation have a direct effect on arteriosclerosis, as well as hardening of the arteries about more than 26%, which you can also use in your cooking for example added turmeric in your meat chopped, make tea with turmeric or even in sauces.


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source: Healthline

if you want to have ideal heart health you just have to drink pomegranate juice. pomegranate components are known to help clean clogged arteries and improve blood circulation. And it is thanks to the high level of antioxidants that pomegranates contain. this fruit is very important in your life for your health because it can also stimulate the generation of critical oxides in your blood. and you can add it in your salads or eat it even alone it tastes very good or even drink it as a juice and preferable in the morning in your breakfast because it gives energy for the whole day like that do not feel weak and everything comes back to vitamins C / B3 / E / P / B5 / B9 / A and these minerals ZN / NA / K / CA / CU ..


citrus fruits contain a lot of antioxidants and vitamin c and these are very important for the health of the arteries. After research carried out on the human body, doctors have found that vitamin C is its presence in the body is very important because it dampens the danger of heart disease and it helps cover the arterial walls thanks to the flavonoid that is there find..
Also, you can start your day with a fresh orange juice or lemon juice, if you cannot do it you can drink a lot of lemon during the day
if you want to stabilize your cholesterol level or lower it, do not miss the fruit of bergamot when it is in season or even herbal teas of bergamot because it helps a lot according to research done and published in the IJCFP ( international journal of cardiology and frontiers in pharmacology.)


broccoli contains fibers that are very beneficial for our complete health. broccoli contains lots of minerals as long as B1 / B3 / B4 / B9 / MN / C as well as vitamins, and it also includes 51 calories for each 150g as well as 0.38g of fasting and 6.64g of carbohydrates, not forgetting 2.85 g protein.
broccoli also helps prevent clogging of the arteries and defends against vascular diseases, all this comes back to the benefits of vitamin K found in broccoli.
it is advisable to take at least 3 to 4 servings of broccoli per week in order to gain the maximum benefit.


asparagus contains a lot of fiber and minerals, and they are one of the most surprising foods to purify your dumbbells. as well as minimizing the rate of arterial retention and anticipating blood clots that can cause life-threatening cardio .
asparagus activates the generation of an antioxidant called glutathione whose role is to cause tight arteries. and it also includes alpha-linoleic acid and folic acid, which blocks the firming of arteries.
if you don’t know how to include asparagus in your meals, well it’s simple there are quite a few recipes. you can put it in water and cook it or you can also grill it otherwise if you can bear the taste it is enough that you add it raw in a salad with sauces to camouflage the taste.
Did you know that it was scientifically proven that nuts are very powerful for heart health. nuts contain a lot of unsaturated fats and fiber as well as vitamins, if you are looking for something to snack on but in a healthy way you have various choices, for example you can take servings of cashew or almonds or even nuts and also they are rich in magnesium .
in order to have an ideal heart it is absolutely necessary and at least takes 4 to 6 portions of nuts per week.

Fatty fish:

there is a difference between fat and healthy fat, for a long time we heard that fat is not good for our health, but on the contrary, research was done and it is proven that we need fat in our bodies but on condition that it is a healthy fat or else called unsaturated fat. for example fish, people who eat fish have a small walk almost not to have heart attacks because thanks to the omega 3 fatty acids they contain minimize triglyceride levels and reduce the risk of cardiac death.

Coffee :

if you like fish, be free to eat it for example salmon or tuna or whatever fish you prefer. coffee is almost a drink that gives support to keep arteries clean. and it was scientifically proven that a cup of coffee a day significantly minimizes the danger of increasing atherosclerosis or blocked arteries.
Do you hear that drinking a lot of coffee is bad for your health and your heart? some of this information is true when you add sugar or cream to your coffee and you take almost 3 to 4 cups a day there it gets bad, on the other hand a coffee without sugar is to consider a healthy coffee and which does not generate any heart problems


in terms of cholesterol we have in our body good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, well yes the avocado increases good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol. remembering that avocado has a vascular calcification component in your arteries. as well as bringing the avocado into your meals, it’s very easy, for example an avocado juice in the morning or an avocado paste with lemon for your sandwich, or even in a green salad with lemon and olive oil, and it’s a very important fruit in life more than you could imagine