Mini Drone Quad

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Make your day sweeter with your children and your family!!

With High-tech sensing flying ball toy looks like it comes from space. Our kid drones can be suspended in the air, also it can fly in all directions according to inductive sensors. The colorful LED lights alternately flash in the flight, which is more vivid and interesting. You can manipulate it easily and play with parents or kids together.

  • This is easy to play. You just need to throw the flying ball drone upward gently and it will fly immediately. The most surprising is that it can fly in the opposite direction when your hands are close to it.
  • This drone has four power motor fast rotations to provide power to make itself 360°rotating flying. There is also a high flight hover when flying to a certain level, grab the ball to flip then it will stop flying.
  • It has a built-in rechargeable Lithium battery, you only need to connect it on a USB connector for 30-40 minutes to fully charge. Equipped with three LED lights design will emit bright shining and colorful light when it is flying. 


+ With infrared sensor technology, it can help you control its direction.
+ You can use your hands to control it in the air for interactive play.
+ The propeller was encased by a flexible body, protecting children's eyes and skin from damage.
+ It is very sturdy and will resist damage when it falls, and the ball will move away when it detects a solid object.